Thursday, August 27, 2009


Have you hear of Preserve? I have been getting my kids Preserve toothbrushes for a while when I contacted them, I love their products! Here's a little bit about them.

Preserve® makes stylish, high performance, eco-friendly products for your home. As a company, we strive to combine socially and environmentally responsible business practices with groundbreaking design to create products that people feel good about having in their homes. We believe that choosing eco-friendly products doesn’t mean having to sacrifice quality, price, or performance.
In 1996, founder and president Eric Hudson was committed to the need to use our earth’s resources more efficiently and responsibly. The developing plastic recycling market represented a great new opportunity to reuse our earth’s resources (plastics are made from oil and natural gas—making up roughly 9% of the world’s petroleum usage). However, at the time that Preserve was formed, there was a lot of concern that recyclables were not necessarily turning into new products. Seeing an opportunity, Eric started Preserve to reuse Earth’s precious resources and turn them back into products that people wanted. He worked with dentists, scientists and engineers to create Preserve’s first high-quality product from recycled plastics—the Preserve Toothbrush. Since then, Preserve has grown into a dynamic, green lifestyle company offering a range of everyday products for almost every room in your home. Using innovative methods, we turn used materials into razors, colanders, cutting boards, tableware and more!
As we grow, our core principles remain the same!
What I love the most about Preserve is that they are Eco-friendly and were concerned enough about our environment to not only do something about it but to create a business based on recycling! They take all number 5 plastics and turn them into their amazing products. All of their products are BPA Free, dishwasher safe, made in the USA, recyclable and already recycled!

We were sent the new small colander and I am wishing that I had earlier in the summer. Its great for washing summer fruit and pasta for meals of one or two. I felt great about using a recycled product that I also knew was safe for my family. Earlier this year I banished almost all plastic from my house with the BPA scare. I now am OK with some plastic, only if I know where its come from and that its for sure safe! Preserve definitely fits that bill for me!