Monday, August 17, 2009

Olivers Labels Review

So who is ready for back to school? Sadly I am not. Usually I am so on top of it but this summer has flown past! No, I am not saying its over yet, in fact I think that this last little cool spell will make it so we have a very warm September. Fingers crossed!!!

If you have kids in school do I have a product for you. Oliver's Labels. Have you ever gone to first day of Kindergarten? All I can remember is sitting there, pregnant, in a tiny chair, writing Kristina's name over and over again on all of her supplies. Her school orders her supplies for her and we just pay the school. Some of the profits go to the school and we don't have to do the dreaded back to school shop for supplies. BUT I had to sit there and label everything. From all the markers to all of the writing books, and on and on it went.

If I had known about Oliver's Labels I would have happily paid anything to not have to do that. Luckily you don't have to pay a lot to save yourself the trouble! Oliver's Labels has a few packages you can choose from and you can also just order sheets of certain types of labels. They have a starter package, a camp package, baby package, and of course the school package.

One of the best features about Oliver's Labels is there lost and found system. Its called Found it. Basically if you want, its totally free, you can have a unique code put onto your labels that's hooked up to the email you give Oliver's Labels and if someone finds your lost item, they go online to Oliver's Labels, it tells them to do that, and they enter the code and Oliver's Labels acts as the go between so nobody gets your info but you get your item back! Ya for no more replacing winter jackets three times in one season!

I got to try out some of Oliver's Labels and I love them. I have them on my sons sippy cups and some of his clothes. I feel better now about going on a play date where both kids have the same cups, we can tell them apart and I make sure I am going home with the right one. They hold up fine with washing and don't look worn out or peeling or anything.

My other favorite label was the stick-eez labels. They are for clothing and you don't have to iron them! I don't iron, anything, ever. Honestly if I had to iron them on I wouldn't use them. I love these and they stay on great through washing and drying! Thank you Oliver's Labels!

Oliver's Labels has generously offered my readers a 10% off discount for back to school, you can use it on any package or sheets of labels though. Use code oliversfriends at the checkout to recieve your 10% off, offer expires Sept 31st 2009.


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