Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Natures Baby Organics

Heres a little bit about how Natures Baby Organics got started.

Adena never figured she'd be looking up chemical compounds on the internet, but that's exactly what she did when her one-year-old daughter broke out in a mysterious rash all over her body. After trying for days to find the cause of her blotchy and inflamed skin, Adena sat down at the computer with an armful of products. Everything from shampoo and conditioner to sunscreen and baby lotion. Though she couldn't even pronounce some of the ingredients on the labels, Adena researched each and every item she regularly put on her daughter with increasing dismay. She discovered that many of the elements in these commonly used products came with biohazard warnings or were listed as potentially harmful in certain conditions.

She was additionally disheartened because, like most mothers do, Adena tried hard to give her daughter "only the best." She wasn't fanatical about it, but she avoided processed foods when possible, used homeopathic remedies under the care of her physician, and tried to promote a healthy, natural lifestyle for her family. Yet here she was putting potentially harmful chemicals on her baby's tender skin without even knowing it.
Although she ultimately discovered that her daughter was allergic to the sunscreen and sensitive to perfumes and dyes, Adena could not, in good conscience, continue to use the other hair and skincare products in her cabinet. So, she turned to nature for a more wholesome way to care for her little one's delicate hair and skin.

Trying the botanical shampoos and body washes already on the market, Adena found they smelled too much like perfume or had a medicinal scent. She wanted her baby to smell like well, a baby. And worse, the drying effect in the shampoos invariably left both mother and daughter frustrated when Adena tried to comb out her daughters beautiful hair. She wanted to give her daughter "only the best", but the products Adena found were simply not what she was looking for. She wanted to bathe her daughter in something that was natural, but luxurious. Rich, but subtle. Gentle, but effective. And aromatic, but childlike.

Already the owner of an online child safety store, Adena was attuned to the latest trends in the baby industry and was inspired by all the "mom invented" merchandise she'd been seeing. So she set out to research and to develop a line of hair and skincare products that a mother would delight in putting on her child.During the 2 year development and testing process, Adena's second daughter was born and she suffered from severe Eczema, so it seemed that yet again she faced another challenge to address. From the essential oils to the cleaning agents, every ingredient would be from nature's laboratory-safe, pure, and 100 percent derived from nature. Thus, Nature's Baby was born.

Now the mother of two daughters, Adena proudly announces that Nature's Baby is a manufacturer and distributor of organic hair and skincare products developed for children, but enjoyed by the entire family.
Natures Baby Organics was kind enough to send me some of their organic shampoo and body wash. I love this stuff. I got the Vanilla and Tangerine scent and its heavenly. So yummy smelling. A little bit definitely goes a long ways, and it lathers amazingly. This stuff is awesome! Its only 17.95 for a 16 oz bottle. Not a bad price at all even when you compare it to the brands found in most stores.

Natures Baby Organics is now available at Target, check them out! They will have 8oz Shampoo/Body Washes in Vanilla Tangerine, 8oz Shampoo Body Wash in Lavender Chamomile, 8oz Fragrance Face & Body Moisturizer 12oz Bubble Bath in Tangy Tangerine.


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I have been using these organics. And it is really safe for babies.