Friday, August 14, 2009

Luvloo Toy Wrangler

I got to try out the Luvloo toy wrangler. These really are a great product. How many times when you are out for dinner or out on a walk does your baby or toddler throw his or her cup, bottle or toys on the ground? Lots! They love doing it. Personally I am grossed out about all of the germs on the restaurant floor. How clean can it be? I actually don't really want to think about it.

We went out for dinner last night for the first time since receiving this great product. I attached Brandon's cup to one and his toy to the other. They worked great. When I attached then to his highchair the only thing I didn't really like was that it wasn't long enough for him to stand his cup on the table, the cup sat on its side. But later I realized that you can just add more clips to it. How many of those plastic clippies do you have around your house. They are everywhere. Just add a few to the Toy Wrangler and you are set.

They worked great for his toys. At one point he tried to throw his toy and the poor lady sitting next to us flinched and then just reached down to pick it up, this happens to everyone :) She was shocked when it wasn't on the floor and then I think a little bit embarrassed. Its so nice to not have to pick them up again and again.

Luvloo has generously offered my readers a buy one get one free discount code. This way you can keep some in the car for when you go out to eat and leave some attached to the car seat and the stroller! Seriously a product you can't live without.

Use code BOGO to buy one get one free!


toywrangler said...

Hey Dana

I just wanted to let you know
the length we used follows set safety standards.

Several straps on the market do not follow safety standards and are not safe.

You can attach the link end to the high chairs's safety strap around the groin area as well or You can easily add links like you mentioned.