Friday, August 28, 2009


Erbaviva was born to bring to the world a collection of the purest, most natural, organic skincare products available. Beginning with our exclusive line of pure products for Baby and Mommy-to-be, we now also offer a full range of Bath & Body products for everyone else including our unique Organic Deodorant. In our commitment to you, and to the environment, we use only the highest quality organic ingredients and essential oils, uniquely packaged and brought to you in a sophisticated form that honors the way nature created them.

Erbaviva was kind enough to send us some back rub oil, and a organic baby lip and cheek balm.

My husband was pretty excited to try out the back rub oil. I usually don't like most back rub oil because it makes me feel all sticky and sometimes can stain the sheets. This back rub oil was so nice. It was organic which I always love and it rubbed in very well, and even had some heat to it. My husband couldn't feel the heat so it definitely wasn't hot but I could feel it in my hands when I used it on him and on my back when it was my turn. And I didn't feel like I needed a shower to get it off my back after and it didn't stain the sheets!

The organic baby lip and cheek balm was very nice, its a great product to have in your diaper bag for those times when your child has some dry skin and you just were not prepared for it. Its in a big tube, kind of like chap stick but bigger, and you just turn the bottom to get it out. It was delicious smelling and nice and moisturizing. A little greasy but is great for moisturizing and definitely helped with Brandon's dry skin. I love that its organic and will get a lot of use out of this in the fall and winter when Brandon's eczema is getting worse.

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