Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ecobotts Review

I have heard about Ecobotts before and really wanted to give them a try. They are just a little bit more money that regular name brand disposables but on first glance, they look about the same. They don't have the silly prints on them though which is nice, just some nice small green leaves, very natural. They are just as fitted as a regular disposable diaper as well. I only had a couple to try out but they seemed to stand up just as well to leaks as well. Here are a few reasons why they are so much better than your standard disposable diaper:

What makes ECO diapers stand out from standard disposables? Well for a start, our ECO diapers:

-are 100% chlorine free
- use a biodegradable outer layer to prevent leaks (not the usual oil-based plastic layer) protect against rashes with natural 'breathable' materials
- are gentle on delicate skin - no perfumes or lotions
- are compostable
- use eco-responsible manufacturing processes

They are definitely worth a try in my books and you can order a sample pack for free, you just pay the shipping. Ecobotts is also offering any of my readers a $5 off coupon* for there first order of a minimum $15 purchase, not including the free trial. Just use code FFM5 when ordering.

*Valid when used to order $15 or more. See for full terms and conditions. Offer expires August 31st, 2009.