Thursday, July 14, 2011

Penguin Sport Wash

I do a lot of laundry, like a lot of you I am sure. Most of my laundry is normal everyday kind of laundry, mine and the kids clothing, towels etc but I also wash my husbands work clothes.  Now, he works at a rental yard and is covered in dirt, mud, grease, and more when he gets home from work and it takes a good strong detergent to get his clothing clean and not to wear it out even faster than he manages to do.

Penguin Sport Wash is made for performance clothing, running gear or yoga clothing etc.  I do find though that it works great on Kris's clothing because he is so rough on them, they are stinky, sorry babe, and they have so much filth on them so they can be really hard to clean. 

Penguin Sport-Wash is no regular detergent.

Its residue-free, non-allergenic formula is designed to keep high-tech fabric at peak performance and odor-free by washing away residues left by regular detergents, removing dirt, neutralizing bacteria, and restoring breathability, moisture-wicking, and factory applied waterproofing (DWR).  And it's biodegradable, so your conscience is as clean as your gear.

- Removes trapped odors from fabrics
- Restores factory applied waterproofing (DWR)
- Keeps high-tech fabrics looking & working like new
- Restores wicking properties and eliminates odor to *Dri-FIT®, *Under Armour ®,Coolmax ® and - engineered polyester fibers
- Restores the loft & effectiveness to down & synthetic insulation
- Removes blood & grass stains
- Prevents color fading
- Biodegradable

(Contains biodegradable vegetable surfactants.)